Just like you, we are passionate about living naturally and building a like-minded community focused on the sustainable lifestyle. Eco-living is about the choices we can make in our everyday lives to protect our environment, for the benefit of all.
That is why we decided to introduce this new product which allows you to make a simple and direct choice, which will make a real and long lasting difference. Our product is about discovering a traditional way of living, doing things naturally and avoiding unnecessary wastage.

Wheat bran is entirely natural and it is an integral part of whole grains and is produced as by-product of milling. Technology used to produce bran is based on high temperatures and pressure, which significantly shortens the process and makes it fully free of any added chemicals.

Eco Plates are 100% natural and safe to use - they are biodegradable and decompose in as little as 30 days! Or if you want, you can feed your pets. They are edible !

You want to order our products ? Nothing easier !

Just send us an e-mail with information which type of plate you need and how many of them. Type your contact details and we gonna contact you as soon as it possible.


Our plates are packed in boxes, 10 plates each.

Plates 24cm
One time use, eco plate made of wheat bran
Diameter: 24cm (~9")
Bowls 20cm
One time use, eco bowl made of wheat bran
Diameter: 20cm (8")
Plates 20cm
One time use, eco plate made of wheat bran
Diameter: 20cm (8")

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by mail: info(at)ecoplates.eu

by phone: +44 7405111914